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Nice Night Leads Into Horrible Morning... News at 11!

Last night, around 11ish, I got asked by Jesse and Kit to go with them to King Tut's for some hookah and debachery. Of course I went, I love that shit. Was a good time. Smoked, ate, smoked some more, good stuff.

Got home around 3:30 this morning, and slept like a baby...

until about 20 mins ago, when Rhonda called me to complain as usual about everything and anything. Got called an asshole twice.

Fun stuff indeed.

I told her that if we need to keep talking to each other to arrange visits with the kids, she needs to either talk to me like Im a human being, or not call me at all. I'm getting really sick of this "I can't have you, but I'll do whatever it takes to manipulate you" attitude of hers.
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