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Wow, I'm really stupid.

Today is Saint Patrick's Day.

Niiiiiiiiiice. I was gonna see if I could go out tonight and not drink, but now I kinda have to. I'm not Irish, but I'm trendy as a motherfucker.

I'm going to be hanging out with Shannon and her brother John for sure, tho I'm not 100% on what we'll go out and do (aside from drink). I'll probably end up at GCS showing the country folk how a retard with no inhibitions can shake his cracker ass. That always results in an interesting night. Besides, with bartenders looking like those, I can ignore the fact that I'm in a predominantly country music-oriented establishment and some of the people inside have probably fondled a relative once or twice.

Don't get me wrong; I don't dislike hicks, I just... okay, nevermind, I do dislike them. No more than I dislike anyone else tho. At least they're not Amish.

Shannon should be here in about 40 mins, and my hair isn't in Sexy Mode yet, soooo...

This is Joshua-Kun, signing off.
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